No Cards!

Shopping is more fun without stamp cards, pre-paid cards, and card cards.


Awesome Deals

Collect points, win rewards, get awesome deals! Your reward cards on your phone.


Stop Carrying Wallets

Pay with your phone and get e-mail receipts.


Awesome Prizes

Win awesome prizes for doing what you already do.


Fun Rewards & No Cards

AvidTap rewards you for doing what you already do. We make shopping more fun, more social, and more rewarding. Best of all, you don't need to carry cards or cash anymore. Wherever you see AvidTap, just pay with AvidTap and get amazing rewards.

Get Rewards at the Store

Get gifts and rewards at our partner stores. The more you tap in, the more you win!

No Cards

When you pay with AvidTap you automatically get an e-mail receipt. When you visit an AvidTap store, leave your wallet at home or at your office. It's just that easy!

Social Shopping

Share your rewards and gifts with your friends. Win by sharing!


  1. On your phone, visit or just download the app from the app store
  2. Visit AvidTap retailers and tap in
  3. Get rewards and lots of awesome deals